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Sivu, jonka kautta voi joko itse jättää kumppanihaun tai etsiä kumppania jätetyistä hakemuksista.
En sida via vilken man kan antingen lämna in ett partnersök eller bläddra bland inlämnade ansökningar.

Ota yhteyttä SILMU ry:n henkilökuntaan jos Teitä kiinnostaa osallistuminen kansainväliseen hankkeeseen tai haluatte itse toteutta sellaisen. Autamme Teitä eteenpäin.

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Meille saapuneet partnerihaut - Partnersök som lämnats till oss:

Ranskalinen ja Puolalainen Leader-ryhmä hakevat ruoka ja matkailuteemalla yhteistyökumppania Suomesta.

Two LAGs from France and Poland are searching for project partners to initiate cooperation focused on gastronomy, tourism, diversification and local economy, the project should: 

  • Raise profile and visibility of LAGs, 
  • Attract new visitors and increase the visibility of the territory,
  • Promote gastronomy and the local products. 

Specifics: They invite to cooperate exclusively those LAGs having the following topics in their strategies.

  • Tourism as attractive feature of the territory with the presence of tourism professionals.
  • Local development strategy Leader program includes a priority related to economic and tourism development

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Latvialainen Leader-ryjhmä hakee yhteistyökumppania, hakemus 1.11.2017 mennessä

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing on behalf of a local action group (LAG) “Community Partnership of Rezekne Region” from Eastern Latvia (please visit our website in order to know more about our LAG, link below).

We are looking for cooperation partners in order to submit a transnational cooperation project application within the EAFRD, LEADER. We found the contact information of Your Rural Network on , and we are writing You to ask for some assistance in partner search. We would highly appreciate if You forwarded our e-mail to LAGs which could be interested in cooperation in the fields listed below.

At the moment we do not have any particular project ideas, but there are some priorities for transnational cooperation prescribed by our CLLD Strategy:

• Development of tourism offers;

• Increasing the local craftsmen and home producers sales;

• Experience exchange between rural communities;

• Development of innovations for employment promotion.

As we do not have a particular project idea yet, potential project partners, who are interested in collaboration, are welcome to contact us in order to discuss further cooperation possibilities. Project partners, as prescribed by the relevant regulation, can be LAGs, as well as other local partner groups representing both public and private sectors which implement a CLLD Strategy within or outside rural territories. 

Our website:

Deadline for submission is November 1, 2017 (in the framework of the sub-measure No. 19.3. “Inter-territorial and transnational cooperation”, Round 2, open from 02.10.2017.-01.11.2017.). 

Considering the project application deadline and preparation of all the documentation, we would appreciate if we received a response as soon as possible. Please, feel free to contact us for additional information.