Transnational projects

Transnational projects has to meet the following criteria:

  • Respect the goals of the local development program (above)
  • Concrete results and added-value locally and internationally for all partners that could not be reached nationally

Decision making in transnational projects

Preparatory phase:

The first contact should be made to the LAG manager. When partners are willing to build up a transnational project, the Finnish applicants (the LAG included) have the possibility to apply for exploratory project funding for project planning, travel costs in order to sign Letters of Intent and formal cooperation contracts. In non-LAG projects, the LAG can be asked to be a partner. The LAG itself can be a lead partner or a partner. It is often the LAG who is the contracting partner and handles the international cash flow, even though the implementation is delegated to local actors.


The decisions in transnational projects are made by the board of directors of the LAG. The board has 9 members and a chairperson. The board is elected in the annual general meeting of the members of the association. In the board three different groups are equally represented; the public sector, associations or representatives of the entrepreneurs operating in the region and inhabitants not involved in the above mentioned groups.

The LAG manager introduces the application to the board of directors. The board gives a statement on the application to the Rural department of the Employment, and the Economic Development Centre, which gives the applicant the official decision. If the statement is positive, the authorities may reject the project only in case of violation of the regulations. If the statement is negative, the authorities have no other solution than rejecting the project.

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