LAG SILMU in a nutshell

Kehittämisyhdistys SILMU ry – Leader Action Group SILMU is a registered, non profit association founded in 2007 to promote rural development in the area.

The purpose of the association is to encourage rural inhabitants to cooperation in order to develop the area and to keep the countryside live. Our purpose is also to increase knowhow and exchange of knowledge related to rural development between different rural areas, including transnational work. To create conditions for employment the purpose is still to develop the spiritual and economical activity in the area.

The association is bilingual, the used languages being Finnish and Swedish (languages spoken by the people living in the area). LAG SILMU is one of the 54 Leader action groups (LAGs) implementing its local development program and the national Development Strategy and Programme for 2014-2020.

The main themes of the SILMUSTA KASVUA - TILLVÄXT MED SILMU 2014-2020 -strategy are:

  1. Entrepreneurship and employment
  2. Vital villages
  3. Environment and nature
  4. Archipelago
  5. LAG SILMU's own areal developement projects

The international strategy (PDF) >> is a part of LAG SILMU's strategy.

The total Leader budget for our LAG is about 7,2 million €.

Area of SILMU (click the picture to enlarge the map):







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International cooperation: Our Executive Director Gina Forsström on her way  to meet LAG Durham in May 2013 in Porvoo archipelago.