Routes across the borders in Latvia and Finland

Local Strategy SILMUSTA KASVUA - TILLVÄXT MED SILMU 2014-2020 implements the Rural Development Program for Mainland Finland. International activities are one of the cross-cutting themes of the local strategy. This project will focus on the following local strategy priorities 2 and 3: Priority 2. Vital villages. Priority’s important goal is to preserve cultural activities and other leisure activities and launch new activity in sparsely populated areas. Priority 3. The environment and nature. Priority’s important objective is to increase recreational and environmental services.

- Inform about the start of the project and looking for actors for the project
- Make a survey for the route users, residents and tourists in the area
- Review the actors in the area and a routing database is made of the information
- Organize workshops for operators in the area for routing
- Practically familiarize with the area's routes
- Identify maintenance of routes
- Find a solution for the continuity of administrators (local residents, farms, associations, entrepreneurs and municipalities)
- Organize seminars on the theme (safety and responsibility of routes, making contracts)
- Inform in cooperation with the actors involved in environmental education and routing
- Explore the continuation of the Outdoors Finland site and find information on routing sites
- Work closely with the National Co-ordination Project (Rural Finland II)
- Find out the prices for electronic and paper publishing of routes and find funding for these activities
- Identify committed operators for electronic routing and maintenance
- Explore the cultural history of routes and the need to utilize history in marketing services, and the potential for visibility on routes

Contact person: Heli Tommiska tel. 040 569 0068 or heli.tommiska(at)